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Default Re: Should the NBA Playoffs be best 16 records, regardless of conference

Originally Posted by Run&Gun=Fun
I don't know about that...I don't think anything would change in that regard because all of the sudden Sac and Portland are back in the race if anything fighting for those last couple of positions becomes more intense.

I like the idea of 1 playing 16, 2 v 15 and so on and seeing new inter conference playoff series would be good.
your right in that, but they are still not in the playoffs, and you just took 2 teams out of any chance of making the playoffs.... that's where my tankers came from...

the only teams that benefit from a new playoff format this season would be western conference teams, so i don't see how this format adresses the difference between the two conferences and in fact only serves to make the east appear to be even more of a second tier conference then they already do.
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