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Why does everyone think the Nets will suck in a couple of years. Our team is now one of the youngest teams in the NBA and will be younger next season when Darrell Armstrong is gone. What do you see in Clevelands future middle round draft picks that will turn out to be nothing good. Think about it your bigs are aging (Ben Wallace and Z). You don't have a quality point guard. Yes the Nets may be under achieving and might even miss the playoffs but we will get a chance at a lottery pick and an ok pick form Dallas. Nets future is pretty bright to me. Devin Harris is getting the opportunity to run his own team, Josh Boone is turning into a quality rebounder, and maybe sometime in the future we (the Nets) can trade RJ for a PF. I like the chances of the YOUNG Nets.
Young players with talent: Josh Boone, Sean Williams, Devin Harris, Marcus Williams, Nenad Krystc.
BTW what does this have to do with where Lebron and his Family live? He can still live there we have the same thing with Vince He and his family live in Daytona, Florida and he plays for the Nets.

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