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Default Re: FF7: Crisis Core

Originally Posted by Mathius
What's the battle mode like? I can't help but get irritated every time Square tries to cash in on FF7 again. They never seem to be able to recapture the spirit of FF7.

I haven't enjoyed a FF game since the PSOne. Reason is because when the FF games came out for PS2, the graphics were so awesome, but then you had to go into that irritating menu-based battle mode bs. I can't stand that crap anymore. When it was the little polygon graphics from ff7 it was ok, but not now that they've upgraded so much.

Yea, I hated that too, which is why I started liking games like Kingdom Hearts better then FF. It ruins the flow of a game with the constant stopping and starting with battles. I played FF8 all the way through, but gave up with 9 and halfway through 10, and didn't bother with the others after that. What are they up to now, 13 or something?

I want to get this though. I liked the Dirge Of Cerberus game on PS2 (Although it was short and repetative). I have no idea if/when Crisis Core is coming out in Australia. I actually haven't bought a PSP game since Vice City Stories came out.
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