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Originally Posted by InLebronWeTrust
You make no sense man, seriously. And you're acting like when these players do leave we aren't going to be getting cap room in return. So they leave, and we're still paying them or what? That's where you go out and find someone new.

The thing is you still have no big men that I would truly believe in giving the ball at the end of the game and trying to make something happen. You can have all that guards if you want, loaded with talent.. but that's not gonna get you too far.. Ask coach K.

I really don't think Harris is that amazing. He can't really run a game by himself, you need more pieces and jefferson's proved that he isn't enough.

You're young? Cool. So is Orlando, Toronto, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Charlotte.. Those in the east alone. Should I keep going? I'd take a lot of those teams over New Jerseys roster in a heartbeat.
Who said that we won't get a C or PF in the future. This season we even have a chance to draft Roy Hibbert..... who do you think Lebron would rather play with Devin Harris or Delonte West. Devin Harris >>>>>>> Delonte West. Why would he want to stay with the Cavs i see them being like the Timberwolves with KG getting angry asking for a traded except in this situation he would sign with the Nets via FA.
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