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Default Re: Not happy with Anderson Varejao

I'm not sure we were all watching the same Andy V when he first came back before he was injured.

His jumpshot improved when he was first back, from what I was watching he was hitting his jumper, he was active, he came back and didn't take weeks to get back on track, he jumped right in, and he played great for him.

And he didn't pull a Drew Gooden, Drew had a large portion of games where he was producing before AV came back, and of course, as soon as Drews PT was getting split Drew started to suck. But AV came in splitting PT with Drew and Z, and was hitting jumpers, getting boards and hustling.

I think he's been bad since returning from the injury though, maybe he wasn't fully healed, not sure?

And it's just so hard to get a read on this Cavs team.

Sasha and AV sat out at the beginning of the season, then the injuries to AV, Bron, Boobie, Sasha and Donyell, then trying to implement the players back into the rotation, some got injured during the trade, it's been a crazy year for Cleveland, and if they make it past the 2nd round it will be a great year for them knowing the circumstances.
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