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Default Re: We Now Know Derrick Rose's Weakness

Originally Posted by v-unit
Fear of needles! Haha, what, did he skip a grade, is he actually 15 or something? You don't even feel that ****. Anyways, there is so much dirty work behind the curtains in any sport, especially the NBA where you get injected with various things to help you play, if this man can't take it, it is going to be a problem unless they have pills instead.

I'm sure there have been other players before who were afraid of needles in the past though.
i'm pretty sure the whole article is a bit played up, he probably didn't want stiches and just wanted the glued on ones instead. Someone had to turn it into a big story.

And you're a retard if you think that it will get in his way in the nba and that the guys get "injected" with dirty drugs that make you play better.
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