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Default Re: We Now Know Derrick Rose's Weakness

Originally Posted by thenextgreatbigman
i'm pretty sure the whole article is a bit played up, he probably didn't want stiches and just wanted the glued on ones instead. Someone had to turn it into a big story.

And you're a retard if you think that it will get in his way in the nba and that the guys get "injected" with dirty drugs that make you play better.

I guess it won't be a problem for him, they'll get around it. And when I said injected with things to help them play better, I ment things to numb some pains, things like that, they play with so many injuries and right after surgeries and things like that, they they need it either for extra strength just to be at their old level, things like that, and that's a fact. I think Andris Biedrins had an epindectomy (Sp.) that Grant Hill had, while Hill was out with it for 2 weeks, Andris playeed one game with the problem, then had the surgery and came back immediatly.
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