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Default Re: We Now Know Derrick Rose's Weakness

Originally Posted by wang4three
He's not terribly strong. That much is obvious. He's still getting picked off screens and not fighting through them well to the point that they switch on them.

How in the hell do you explain him leap get hit and still finish with flair(he does this at least once or twice a game). he is strong, admit it.

No. I already put in this thread that I'd take him #1 overall and I want him on my team even though we have Devin Harris and Marcus Williams. Nice job glancing over that.


Operative word: Freshman. Not for an NBA point guard which he wants to be.
He is strong for any point guard prospect. Jamont Gordon is stronger, but that doesnt mean Rose isn't strong

One game, one play doesn't mean anything to me. Stephen Curry was finishing plays against Wisconsin..does that mean he's strong? No.

He Shows off his explosion and leaping ability almost every game. But you knew that right, since you have seen him before?

Thank you captain obvious. I already posted these comments before. However you have to take into account that he has weaknesses before becoming a great point guard in the league. Everything I mentioned are noticeable weaknesses. If I'm salty he didn't go to Illinois, you're blind from the truth.

He has improved his jumpshot, still not where it needs to be, but IMO he has the work ethic to where it wont be a weakness in a few years.

he has weaknesses, but not as many as you said
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