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Default Super-Sonic Rant.

Reposting in the main forum based on a mods suggestion.

RBB, your response is close to mine but i would actually even take it a bit further. In fact i have posted this on the NBA's own forum, and ESPN's forum.

It breaks my heart to loose the Sonics, but you have to draw the line somewhere, and as long as David Stern is in charge of the NBA, and the same owners exist, the same owners who it looks like will vote in favor of the move ( based on there own personal want for new FREE arenas.)even though they know its wrong to do this to the city of Seattle and its fans, i will NEVER be able to trust the NBA again.

What this means is that if we loose the Sonics and the NBA DOES end up offering us an expansion team, as much as i would love for that to happen, i think out of principle, and just plain common sense, we HAVE to tell he NBA to take there offer and stick up there OKC! Why in the world would we trust the same people who screwed us so royally, ever again? Charlie Brown should have stopped trusting Lucy along time ago, and in my eyes getting TRICKED once is enough for me. David Stern is a sneakier, shameless conn man of a Lucy who may ask us to kick the football one more time. and im not gonna do it. When David Stern has been FIRED for gross misconduct and behavior unbecoming a league official then i may have interest in the NBA again.

And btw, does it rub anyone else the wrong way that we would have to crawl back to the very people that STOLE our team and beg for a new one? Have you thought about the idea of Clay Bennet sitting smugly at his owners meeting and "gracefully out of the goodness of his heart" voting to let poor Seattle have a new team? Have you thought about David Stern and how sickening it will be to watch him act like hes doing Seattle a giant favor by allowing us a expansion team? About the fact that in the end we will have to bow down and THANK the NBA for this team when what we should be doing is telling them to go to hell for taking the first team for NO GOOD REASON!!!

The more i think about an expansion team in Seattle the more it makes me feel Ill. Cheapened like i sold out to the devil. My integrity Vs NBA BB in Seattle. Sorry, i choose my integrity.

Now...I have some things to say that are addressed to specific targets.

David Stern, your bound and determine to help your ol buddy out, even at the cost of so many Seattle hearts breaking, and that says a lot to me about who you are and what kind of league you will run. You cannot be trusted. You have destroyed your credibility. In short, you are soulless and a crook and i want no part of anything your associated with.

To any NBA owner who votes FOR the move, your so in bed with the idea of tax payers funding your stadiums and with a threat to move if they don't, that u have lost all compassion for the fans that make what you do possible. I hope that some day something that has become a big part of your life that you love will be ripped away from you without mercy, just so you will know what you helped make happen in Seattle.

To Howard ( I know nothing, NOTHING! ) Shultz....your a real piece of work you traitorous dog. I'm ashamed your from Seattle. Is there not a orphanage somewhere you should be trying to close down? I never did like Starbucks and now i have a good reason to rally against the place. While staying within the law i will spend the rest of my life doing what ever is legally allowed to hurt your business. I wish for you a hostile takeover where even though you fight with all your heart and soul to save something that you helped build and love, in the end it is ripped away by some smug jackass with a smirk on his face. Rot in some place lower that hell you wank.

To the Washington state lawmakers that decided it was more important to end your session on time so you could skip on home to pack for your vacations even while the CEO of Microsoft and Costco were doing everything they could to keep the team in Seattle, even as they offered more money out of there OWN pockets than OKC's entire tax payer base approved.

You LIED to us and told us that calls about the sonics were coming in at a 10 to 1 clip against saving the Sonics, and now when the records were legally obtained we find out its exactly the opposite. 3008 calls were recorded and out of those JUST 117 said don't save the sonics. 97% said please save them and you LIED to the public about what was really happening. i will NEVER vote for a single one of you again. Bring on the Challengers. its time for a political house cleaning in our state.

To Clay Bennet, rot in hell you lying underhanded LEECH. If there is a heaven and i'm allowed to exist there, Clay Bennet will be the man i have fishing through my dogs poo to make sure he's eating a proper diet. My contempt for you is pretty much endless.

To OKC fans, i wish you luck. you'll need it. My only wish is that some day something will allow you to see that even though it wasn't your fault, what your city did to get a team was very very wrong.

To OKC officials, shame on you. Your lust for a team is so high you cant wait your turn for an expansion team like good honest people should? Your ok with STEALING another cities team? Your mothers and fathers obviously didn't teach you proper morals. The NBA talks now about maybe giving Seattle a expansion team? 0.o Anyone see anything wrong with this picture? ITS OKC THAT SHOULD BE ASKING FOR AN EXPANSION TEAM! NOT SEATTLE!!!

To other Seattle fans, I say that i feel your pain. And i wish it were different. But i appeal to you to not give in and let Bennet off easy. He doesn't care if you keep your teams name. Hes not offering to allow us to keep our team name out of the goodness of his heart. THERE IS NO GOOD IN THAT HEART OR HE WOULDN'T TAKE THE TEAM TO OKC! Its a ploy to bargain his way out of the lease. Please don't allow the man that took your team to skip off like a happy grade schooler who had a tantrum and then got his way as a result of that tantrum.

Should Seattle be thankful for the NBA's unofficial offer of an expansion team? I think not. that should be OKC's roll while we continue a 41 year old love affair.

There ya go RainierBeachPoet. I hope you meant this forum and not the main forum other than the Sonics section. If so your welcome to move it for me to where you wanted it.

Im still fuming over the lies about the ratio of positive Sonic calls to the state officials btw. Grrr.
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