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Originally Posted by Nets fan 93

Delonte swatted the hell out of Andre Miller last night.

I think he's a talented "bubble" player who could have a break out year at any point.

Clearly his weakness is his jumper, and I think he needs to be more aggressive in running the offense. I'm not talking about pushing the ball, he already does that. I think if he truly wants to break out in this league, he needs to take on a leadership role on the court, and direct the offense more.

It's too early to tell where this team is going to go. At the beginning of next year, after they've had the entire off season to work together, we will have to see how they start out. And then we will find out who will come and go come February next year.

But Delonte is clearly happy being here, he was a college roommate of Dwayne Jones, and there are people on the staff he knew from college and/or high school, so as long as he isn't looking for some kind of crazy contract, I am happy having him here.

Danny Ferry has proven to be a solid GM, not great. He still offers stupid contracts to people who just don't deserve them (see Varejo, Sasha, and Mike Brown).

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