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Default Streetball Extreme @ POLAND - free mixtape

I wanna share with all of you mixtape from visit UK crew Streetball Extreme in Poland, during Streetball Extreme: Battle For Europe Tour recording by Extreme Sport Channel. Editor of that footage is my man $lazma he's pretty good in video-editing. Those were 2 friendly match ups in Warsaw and Cracow.

SBX crew
Baad Newz, Hoops C Dazy, Chosen, Ampo-King, Big Fen, Cyclone, Snap, Con-man, Tommy Baker

PL crew (Warsaw and Cracow)
Slash, Sky Is The Limit, Carter, Spin Machine, Bart, Fat Albert, Zio, Halik Perla, Wujo, Labi, Daroch, Kacpa

So enjoy. :)

SBX @ POLAND - 435 MB, 29 min.- server

Mirror - filefont server
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