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Default Re: How far should the Cavs go in the playoffs?

To be honest a healthy Wizards team could cause the Cavs some serious problems the way they are playing of late, though I would still consider the Cavs favorites. The Sixers or Raptors would be relatively easy win in my opinion, if they should happen to get the 5th seed.

As for the second round I'm not liking the Cavs chances much, the Celtics are simply a better team, and would be big favorites in such a matchup. Had we met the Magic or Pistons instead it would be a different story, but unfortunately that's not the case.

So all in all I'm thinking Cavs chances break down something like :

1st round exit: 25%
2nd round exit: 65%
3rd round exit: 7%
Finals loss: 2%
Finals win: 1%
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