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Default Re: Gordon Joins Deng on GB roster

Originally Posted by berraco
Still difficult for GB to grab a spot for the Eurobasket. They could be in the fight though, with Deng and Gordon in the roster. Are Betts and Archibald still there? They could give some help in the paint (specially Betts).

We can try If anything our main aim is to have a competitive team for London 2012 Olympics and beyond rather than just Eurobasket competitions, but of course they will want to do well in that too.

Yep, we still got Betts and Archibald. Shame we don't have Azubuike, but we still got Pops Mensah Bonsu. Also some people have been raving about this young point guard called Justin Robinson. I haven't heard of him myself, but apparently he is wise beyond his years.

Potential starting 5:
Richard Midgley/Justin Robinson
Ben Gordon
Luol Deng
Robert Archibald/Pops Mensah Bonsu
Andy Betts

Joel Freeland is in the team as well. Damn, it's really not too bad. Obviously we are still gonna get stomped by most, but we are on the right road.
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