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Default Re: PSP. So what about it?

Originally Posted by thenextgreatbigman
my brother has one and there's no good games for it. not having that 2nd analog stick really hurt it.

Its 2008 not 2006 there are alot of great games… Unless playing FPS or Katamari games two analog are not necessary…

The games started out slow for the PSP but now there are a wide varity of titles from many genres to choose.

I've grown to like it and I get lots of use out of it.

The new 'slim' models offer TV out so now you can connect to a television and play on the big screen. I would like to get one of these sometime myself(I got my fat PSP back in 2006).

On another note, there are firmware hacks and you can run all types of emulation on it offering great classic games like NES, Genesis, Neo Geo, MAME, et cetera…
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