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Originally Posted by jailer
Where r u from im guessing nyc.Cuse if your not from memphis or sacramento you dont know what your talking about when it comes to j-will.He constantly took bad shots and would make too many unneeded flashy passes yes he got more controlled here but that came from the tutelage of an 70 yearold master.And j-will didnt win a championship miami did.Ne ways this thread is about eddie so I say keep him one more year then dump his old arse for the cash and try and get some one good to play guard.

That's what i said in my post that he took bad shots in sac, mem, and miami. That is what he does. The only difference in miami is that he had a coach that want his players to take open shots no matter where they are on the floor. J-Will has heart, courage and doesn't mind recognizing a leader. That is if he sees one. Who is the leader on the griz? Pau? I can't tell. By the way J-will never got under control as you say, as i quote my self "remember in the finals when he started a game off going 11 for 11 all bad shots from most people eyes, but not A true great coach like Pat Riley. If you are open as Riley would say TAKE THE DAMN SHOT!!!! Pau could learn from that. But Jerry is going to trade eddie. He wont waste a high priced expiring contract, to hope on free agency. It's just not the way he operates. Look at how he managed L.A. There are no Shaqs out there next year. Chauncey aint worth 11 million either. You already got a 7 million dollar version in stoudemire. Plus chauncey plays point. You're losing a shooting guard. vince is your man. Plus he sells tickets so you can't lose either way.
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