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Originally Posted by Mathius
Do you know how stupid what you just wrote sounds? He has a clause in his contract that if he plays for a big market he makes more money?

Read that again.


The BS you are referring to is his contract with Nike.

why are you trying to insinuate I was ever talking about his NBA contract?

Make more money from Nike and lose all your other endorsements because your team sucks, or win with your current team, keep all your endorsements and make new ones, and possibly lose a little bit of money through Nike?

New Jersey has a good chance of having a better supporting cast for Lebron than Cleveland does in 2009-2010. Regardless, Lebron wouldn't lose any endorsements even if he was on a losing team. Did you see all those Dwyane Wade commercials this year?

Big difference between winning and losing, and what jersey you happen to be wearing while you do it. Winning counts. What market you're in, doesn't.

c'mon man. if Lebron went to LA or New York he'd be selling a lot more jerseys than in cleveland. its that simple. yes the market is international but a lot of money comes from the home fans who root for him.

First off, the petition you're referring to was signed by a bunch of guys who are pretty much not with the team anymore. There's probably a handful of guys left from that petition.

Second off, I said SUPERSTARS.

Are you implying that our entire team was composed of superstars? I can't begin to predict how many laughs that will get around the board.

see thats you're whole thing your just trying to get laughs out of the board and please others instead of make rational arguments of your own. if you weren't you wouldn't waste your time acting like a made a statement that you're whole team was superstars.

forget that whole darfur thing. i was just trying to say...look here is how lebron acted in one ethical situation. it could POSSIBLY reflect on how he feels about loyalty.

Learn all that by being one of his inside guys, did you? Oh wait, no. You just read a bunch of bs in the papers and made a lot of assumptions.

haha like you are an inside guy? shut up.

Let me abuse you one last time.

First off, if you think you're the first person to bi+ch about me signing my name, you're not. So tough luck there. Second, if you think it changes anything, it doesn't. So I trust you won't be stupid enough to bring it up again.

personally i think its because you're a big loser. you want to establish your own personality on the board and be a memorable character. people who have message board egos have likely suffered much more mental abuse than anything you're trying to dish out.

So there goes your homer theory.

you're a homer in the sense that

1) You have a very idealistic view of Lebron as some hometown hero
2) You dismiss the New Jersey Nets who are clearing cap space, have valuable trade bait, and two young stars as a garbage team with no future and no alure to lebron... even though one of his close friends is an owner and they are building a brand new arena in brooklyn.

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