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Default How would the Cavs fare against the Celtics if we meet in the playoffs?

First off, I'll preface this by saying that ANYTHING that happened in head-to-head meetings this season is meaningless, so lets throw those results out the window. If regular season meetings had ANY bearing on the playoffs, then the Cavs would've been too shook up to play Detroit last season. Golden State carried their "ownage" over Dallas into the postseason last year, so that's one exception. I'm sure there are a few others.

Lets be careful before we annoint Boston as the future EC champs. I believe that anytime you have a LeBron James on your team, you stand a chance. Noone on Boston individually can match him, and that group over there has never been through the playoff wars together as a TEAM. They are going to have ALOT of pressure. For that core, this will be THE best team that they have ever played on, and Boston is a very tough media market. This season might just be their best shot. Those are things working against them. Who will carry that team in the latter stages of games? Who will be "the man." THey have successfully answered those questions during regular season competition, but it should be interesting to see what happens when the stakes are raised? Noone on that "core" has won anything in recent memory.

I'm not knocking Boston at all. Mad props for what they have done this season, but I think the Cavs can matchup well against them. I believe we have a mismatch at the center spot. Ilgauskas has a bevy of smarts and moves that he can use against Perkins. I think that Wallace and Varejao can wear out Garnett, who will still post his numbers, but hopefully, will be worn out by the end of the game. LeBron against Pierce is obviously in favor of LeBron, but will LeBron have to extend his energy to guard pierce? I don't like our chances guarding him, or Ray Allen. LeBron can do the job, but you're asking a lot out of him to guard those type of players AND put the biscuit in the basket. Of course, he IS only 23 years old, so he shouldn't be losing energy. If we have a healthy PG tandem come playoff time, I think that offsets the Rondo/Cassell duo.

Intangibles go to us, because of our prior experience and the fact that we would be the underdogs in a potential series. Boston has the better team, they are on a mission, and they have 3 great players and a good supporting cast, but with one LeBron James, a wily Z, and some good outside shooting and perimeter defense, I think we could beat those guys.

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