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Default setting the bar

Originally Posted by Psileas
DJ, Gus Williams, Silas, Jack Sikma were their best players. They were among the very few teams who didn't have one of the "50 GOAT" players (as selected in 1997) and won the title. They had plenty of stars, though.

PS. Not a fan of the Sonics, just a fan of history. ;)

good job psileas! this is one of my litmus test questions to sift through the folks with some knowledge o f the nba and the pretenders

so--- you set the bar----->> if a person can name four people on the sonic 1979 championship team, you are NOT a pretender. (hardcore sonic fans should name 10 of the 12 however)

since none have been named to that GOAT team, it goes to show you how great a TEAM the sonics were in 79 to win it all. no superstars but knew how to play together and win it all over unseld and hayes et al
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