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Originally Posted by Mathius

And you keep bringing up cap space as if that's a legitimate building block. When was the last time a team signed a free agent that took them to the promise land?

uh... Shaq for one.

Signing Lebron and providing him with a decent supporting cast is all you need to be a contender. Look at the crap Cleveland has around him.

Right, but NJ has? Oh wait. No they haven't. They won 2 in the ABA. This is the NBA. Next.

im saying they're in the same boat as cleveland you kept ragging on New Jersey for being a program with a history of losing... so is cleveland.

Why am I even arguing with you? You can't even read.

Nobody brought up Z except in an earlier discussion about him being Lebron's favorite player. And you completely ignore the fact that I said our whole roster is expirer, and try to mince words on a few players salaries.

And again. Cap space is overrated as hell.

okay you're whole roster is not expirers... what the hell...

I brought up Z because he's relevant to the cav's cap space. just because you didn't mention him doesn't mean he can't be mentioned.

No, he's not. Not as a basketball player he isn't. His game will get better, but he can't get any more popular, period. His business success will get bigger, but not his basketball image. Whether he stays in Cleveland, or goes to NY, means nothing to his basketball popularity. He can't get any bigger.

okay keep saying that you're a fool Lebron has only played 5 years now jesus. he's only going to get better and more popular.

Not unless people just stop rooting for their favorite players altogether and just jump on Lebron's bandwagon.

no you don't have to stop rooting for favorite players for other players to gain popularity.

You've filled in his life history and opinions with a bunch of bs you surmised, or read somewhere. I have a blank slate, and therefore that means I can't be wrong.

I filled in his life history? Whaaaat? I made one statement about that Darfur situation and also his relationship with Jay Z I gave an article. You are a hilarious opponent.

Where the hell are you getting these numbers? Every one of the players we just picked up either expire outright before James, or will be tradable because they will expire the same time. That doesn't include Damon Jones, Eric Snow, or Devin Brown who weren't part of any trade.

Okay I stand corrected. Apparently the opt out clause is for the summer of 2010 not 2009.

And don't tell me nobody will want to trade for cap space, with Lebron and Wade going into the market the following season.

lol but remember how overrated cap space is


Hey genius. Because Lebron already plays for the Cavs? They can match any offer he gets, because they're allowed to go over the cap to resign him. It's called Bird rights.

yeah i know what bird rights are. i'm just saying new jersey can make a legit offer. never did I say cleveland can't pay him the same or more money.

Lebron was a superstar in high school, moron.

if you say so. you aren't a superstar to me unless you succeed in the NBA.

So what then? You're whole argument is that NJ's GM is better than the Cavs GM? Is that the bottom line?
That's extremely debatable.

lol i never said anything like that but its probably true.

So don't even try to argue to me about all these other cities, because it isn't even close.

No, I'm not crazy, I'm a Cleveland sports fan. You don't have a clue what that's about.

in terms of NBA fanbase cleveland isn't top 5.
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