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Default Re: Good computer game?

Computer games are pretty limited unless you're a hardcore computer guy or gamer.

The reason I say this is because the newest, greatest games are always pushing the limits of your computer. If you're not upgrading at LEAST once a year, you're behind, and that takes $$$.

Also, playing online is hardcore. There are guys on there that do nothing but play all day long, and they'll kill you, and if you don't get better FAST, it probably won't be fun.

I remember I used to play WC3 before World of Warcraft came out. I loved to build levels, and I would play with my one buddy. But the moment I jointed their online server, I was getting my butt kicked in like 19 seconds. These guys played all the time. They had all the macro keys down, and barely stopped their fingers moving. I just liked to play for fun and used my mouse. It was good enough for my friend and I.

It's like that South Park episode.

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