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Default Re: Ever been owned by a game?

Originally Posted by Phenomenon
San Andreas is so easy it's not even funny, toughest mission in that game was Air Raid and Supply Lines...Air Raids, IMO, is the tougher of the two because so much luck is involved.

SA is hands down the best out of the 3 so far...GTA 4 will be incredible.
I really hate the flying missions in that game. It took me sooooooo long to fly the plane behind the other plane and jump to the other plane. That was some bull****, too damn hard. I eventually got it, but what a waste of time.

And the one with the remote control plane? That **** is nie on impossible. I got it, but it took me like a day of frustration and wall-punching.

And the flight training missions! Good GOD, that **** took forever too!
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