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Default Re: Ever been owned by a game?

Originally Posted by tmacfan
oblivion on 360 is just so long! not necesarily too hard although parts are incredibly difficult it just goes on and on and on..I didnt get close to finishing!

The trick to Oblivion is in your Major/Minor skill assignment. Assign the worthless skills in the game (ie: marksman, light/heavy armor -- useles-- since u can enchant other apparel items) as your major skills. The reason for doing this is to keep your character at a low level so the enemies/monsters you fight also remain at the lower levels.

If you've played any of the previous elder scrolls titles, you realize how easy it is to level up magic skill (continually casting low level spells from different schools). iirc destruction takes the longest, or maybe it is restoration.

Anywho, the most enjoyment i had from this game was in the Arena, but like everything else in Oblivion it loses its appeal after the 7th time of doing basically the exact same task.

if you're a tedious person, feel free to experiment with the potions. If not...
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