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Originally Posted by J-Memphis
Unless youve read recent shocking, revealing posts by knickscity than you should know 2 players from the Grizz who were traded won the NBA Championship this year! Apparently, had the Grizz kept these players they would have won the title. What fools we are!

Upon this shocking revealment, I thought I would see if this has ever happened before in the NBA? To my surprise:

New York trades Nazr Mohammad to San Antonio for Malik Rose.
- San Antonio wins title with Mohammad starting at C.

San Antonio obviously would have lost the finals without Nazr. If New York hadnt made this trade, they would have hoisted the trophy. Not to mention the team let free agent heroes Antonio McDyess and Shandon Anderson go and robbed themselves of the 2004 and 2006 trophies as well.

Yes, these trades did not really rob the Knicks of three trophies- no more than the trade of Jason Williams and Eddie Jones to Miami robbed Memphis of this year's championship. Nazr Mohammad was a good role player on a great team, just as Jwill and Posey were for the Heat.

Get over it that the Grizz let go of two (out of twelve) pieces to a championship. They got a solid veteran, whose highly-valued leadership in the locker room is hard to hear about in the bright lights of New York or Miami. I'm not here to argue the Grizz got the better value on the court, but I do not believe this trade really hurt the Grizz either as the team almost won 50 games again even with their veteran PG missing half the season due to injury.

Grizz fans, and true NBA fans, congradulate the Heat, JWill and Posey included, in their championship. Every topic related to the Grizz isnt due to this trade. Finally the value of this trade isn't even final as supported in my thread about Eddie Jones.

So, if you have a major problem with this trade, and can only cite it when talking about anything involving the Grizz, do us all a favor and save it. I would rather hear something new to discuss. It's not that big of a deal. Instead of wasting so much time on one trade that helped one team win a championship, how about we discuass how these teams, specifically the Grizz, can improve their chances to win the title in the future.


Dude, check my post. I already wrote that. the point of me bringing that out was that jerry West has yet to make a trade that actually benefit the team. You have made the playoffs 3 straight years only to get swept. Pau needs help to get past that. This aint a knicks forum. I'm talking about the Griz. I still want the Griz to get Vince carter like I have said before. Chauncey is very similar to J-Will like i said before. They shoot first. pass second. chauncey averages twice as many points as he do assist. This is a PG. Now if he were averaging lets say 11 assists like steve nash then I can understand his point production. Then again he wont leave dtw, and he's not worth 11 mil.
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