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Default Will the Nets Ever pick up a 4 who can rebound and play D?

With the injury to Josh Boone sidelining him fer la forseeable future do u think the NEts will make a run at MElvin Ely or Reggie Williams when they get Deshawn Stevensonned because their contract demands are too much.

Uncle Cliffy is aiight but the NEts have not had a competent rebounding big man since the days of Jaimie Feick and Jayson Williams.

<I ommited Kenyon cause I always thought his game was a lot of chestpuffery, he could have been the richman's Charles Oakley but he wasn't>

I see RJ JKidd gettin a little too much wear and tear goin into the lane for rebounds, especially with Larry FRank seeming to have a hatred for bench players.
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