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Default Re: nba 2k8 problems

You have to anticipate the stepping motion. If you're on a break or coming off a screen you should set up your shot a couple feet from the line.

The best way to hit 3's is to work the ball inside - out. Hit a player with a pass when his feet are already planted. There is a stat in the game called "shooting-on-the-dribble" that can cause even great 3-point shooters to miss a lot when moving before the shot.

The postgame seems fine to me. My strategy is to usually work the post early with my star PF (currently Gasol). Then when the CPU starts to double I kick it out off the double and start raining 3's.

They don't allow you to throw the ball the full length of the court because it encourages cheesy play. There are some issues with the game, don't get me wrong. However, 2k8 is currently the best simulation Basketball game ever made, and I think 2k9 will be even better.
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