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Default Re: Good computer game?

If you want an RTS with massive scale try Medieval2 Total War, if your computer cant run that get Rome Total War. Also, Sins of a Solar Empire is fun if you have a ton of patience and some friends to play with. Warhammer 40k is fun but you have to buy like 9 expansions to play with real people, Warcraft 3 is pretty fun with all the weird little custom games it has, StarCraft is probably the most well balanced RTS ever made so you might want to try that.

If you want an arcadey RTS I hear COD4 is fun, as is Team Fortress 2, if you want realistic I like Red Orchestra(which I think is like 15 bucks off of steam now and has a free expansion coming out)

Bioshock is supposed to be REALLY REALLY good but my computer isnt good enough to run it

World of Warcraft is kinda fun but is pretty much a virtual chatroom. That Freestyle Street Basketball game is pretty fun too if a bit retarded.

Half-Life 2 is a TON of fun if you play it co-op with a few friends with the mod called "Synergy" some of my best ever gaming experiences were from playing that cooperatively, throwing beercans at the police and having them chase your friend around with a billyclub is SUPER funny.

I don't recommend counter-strike or counter-strike source, those games are full of the dumbest people in the gaming world. Oh, and Madden sucks for PC, dont buy it!

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