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Whoever said that the adidas_1 is in direct competition with the Nike Plus doesn't know what they are talking about. The adidas_1 is customized cushioning and support. The Nike+ is nike with iPod which keeps track of training, running. Very nice combo but NOT competing against adidas_1. Adidas does have competition for the Nike+ on the way. It's not with Apple but with Polar. Apple may seem like the better known name and it's neat and all, but for the serious runners out there...they know that Polar is the BETTER match for a shoes and running. The new adidas Adistar shoe will have a built in chip, instead of the Polar foot pod. THat chip will send info the Polar watch. The Heart Monitor is also included and also sends info to the watch. Basically, instead of an iPod, the watch is in place + there is a heart monitor. Adidas wins this one I say, by a slight margin. It's better for the SERIOUS runners. If you are casual, go with Nike, it's probably better for you.

As far as classics go...Nike just MURDERS adidas when it comes to basketball shoes. Adidas though does have the shelltoe shoes and people buy those faster than adidas can keep them stocked. The Jordan shoes will always dominate. Lebron's shoes are just boring. They'll never live up to the Jordans. Adidas kills Nike when it comes to STYLE shoes. Their Lifestyle shoes sell a ton.

As far as comfort goes: I can't comment on Nike as of the past year or so. I stopped wearing Nike after 15 years of EXCLUSIVE Nike!!! I wouldn't wear anything else but Nike back in the day. I had the shox and I am one of those unlucky customers who got a lemon pair of shoes. The shox sagged on one shoe after just a couple months. I've also had a pair of older Jordans get punctured right in the damn air pocket. One other pair of running shoes also got punctured and air squeeked every step I took LOL I switched to Adidas out of fustration over the quality of Nike. Also, when you get older you care more about COMFORT and QUALITY over the LOOK. If you've never tried a3 cushioning for Adidas, you're missing out. I haven't tried the Nike360, so maybe I'm missing out also, but the a3 ss Structure shoes for adidas are incredible! It's for basketball. The a3 gigaride running shoe for adidas is also incredible! If you speak to marathon runners they love the adistar or supernova shoes. Even Response feels damn good! I'm happy I made the switch. Nike might have a better LOOK to their shoes, I'll give them that, but Adidas is superior in comfort and especially in quality of shoe. This is just my opinion. Try on a pair of NIKE 360 and go for a run..THEN try on a pair of Adidas gigaride and go for a run. You can't appreciate the gigaride without actually running in them, you'll see what I mean. For those who have the 360 shoes, let me know how they are.
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