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Default Re: Nuggets Second Best Defense?

Originally Posted by Geandily
I read this article in ESPN magazine that makes a LOT of sense, while they are 5th in points allowed they are second in points allowed per possession(0.88?) this is partly because the Nuggets themselves average 101 possessions per game!

The Nuggets have a great defense, the only reason they give up so many points is because they take so many shots early during the shotclock and it ends up giving both teams more possessions, IE more shooting=more points for both teams.

I can't remember how the rankings went for Points Per Possession but the Celtics were #1, Nuggets #2, if somebody can link the article that would be great. But this really explains why half of the people here think the Nuggets have a good defense and the other half think they have a bad defense, but if you think about it logically, the Nuggets have a very good defense.

But yeah, if anybody can find the stats on this or a link to the article on their website I would really appreciate it, I didn't get to read the whole thing because I was reading it off of the laptop of the guy sitting next to me on the plane while he was in the bathroom.
not really if all the teams are still scorin they can block the shots but they dont.
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