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I think they'll start poorly with Webster starting then they'll give Roy a shot in December and he'll be on his way to his ROY award. I don't know why people think Foye is going to be ROY when he'll probably play behind Hassell and Davis most the season.

Anyways...I think they'll hoover around .500 for most of the season. If Randolph has really been working on his game for 12 hours a day then he should probably make the All-Star game, I think he'll average 25 and 12. If he averages 15 and 9 or something, he'll be gone. I expect a mid-season trade of Miles unless he starts the season much like he did last year being on the verge of averaging a triple double before he was injured. I think they'll gel fine. The young guys all have great and positive attitudes. I think the best team they could put on the floor is Roy at the point with Webster or Dixon at shooting gaurd.
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