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Originally Posted by SonOHammerwafer
What I like best about Augustin is his clutchness and mentality. I'm not from Texas, actually I'm from LA, and my team is UCLA.

then why cant you see by watching a guy like wetbrook and seeing what happened when both of our ucla bruins, when guys that are 6-4 and 6-5 guys that can do the things that 5-10 5-11 guys can do- those are the pros that make impacts- most people would be suprised to see a guy like steve nash - i swear he is 6-4 - jason kidd is a huge person

the nba is a sport for freaks- to be an effective nba player at that size is very difficult - i really think there are not that many small guys that could be considered great- since isah iverson, c paul- imo augustine is not one of these- there are gaurds in this draft who have potential to be greats- led clearly by rose
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