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I like the premise, and certainly the size of this community. And a vast majority of the threads are enjoyable, entertaining, and engaging.

But there are some members who I don't even need to name that have a somewhat spontaneous tendency to come in and monopolize a thread with rediculous posts.

For a little while you guys seemed to ban people who crossed the lines and took away the enjoyment from this forum, and then, quite suddenly, I guess you guys decided that it was simply too much work.

This is either extreme laziness or lack of knowlege. Managing blanket bans that would be effective against a person's IP or IP range are not difficult in vBulletin. I know this because I moderate (as part of a team) where we also use vBulletin, with just as passionate and divided an audience which is actually even larger than this.

Even if you are not using IP bans, (due to people who use proxies etc.), the simple 30 second action of permabanning people who keep coming back creates more work for them than for you, since they need a new e-mail address to open every new account.

You either need to figure out how to use your IP bans, (and in the event someone uses a proxy, contact the manager of the proxy and threaten to block the whole proxy unless they deal with this user... that was quite effective for us at PS3Forums), or you need to enlist more help to stay on top of the trolls.

Theoretically this is a money making venture in which you build something of value and then use it to present advertising. These trolls are stealing that value. At some point, they steal enough value for the value equation to imbalance, causing people to visit less frequently... it happened at PS3Forums, (forcing us to change our strategy), it'll happen here.

Ignoring can only work for so long. It's like trying to carry an adult conversation with a kid at your elbow making snide remarks the whole time. You only put up with it for so long before you turn to the kid and tell them to shut their trap.

Please address this in some way. It isn't quite that bad yet, but if you continue to do nothing, it will be, and I'd really rather see this forum avoid that growing pain.

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