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Originally Posted by Nygher
That would be a great trade for the Nuggets. Maggette starting with J.R. Smith comming off the bench. Only thing that wouldn't work out so great is who would play back up to Kenyon Martin or Marcus Camby? I think it would hurt the Nuggets to play Nene for more than 25 minutes a game unless they have to (an injury).

Golden State would also look absolutely ILL

PG - B. Davis
SG - J. Richardson (Surgery)
SF - A. Harrington
PF - T. Murphy
C - A. Foyle

The Hawks would also be better off with this trade so they don't need to start a small forward at the 4

PG - S. Claxton
SG - J. Johnson
SF - M. Williams
PF - J. Smith
C - L. Wright

Maybe the Clippers would actually start Tim Thomas after this trade after his real nice season he had with Phoenix last year

PG - S. Cassell
SG - C. Mobley
SF - T. Thomas
PF - E. Brand
C - C. Kaman

Good trade for all three teams IMO
Except for the Clippers who are getting ass-raped because of nepotism. And the Hawks don't really need another forward.
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