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Arrow What was your highest lead you ever bet anyone with in 2k8?

Alright my highest lead ever was against my cuz 166-88 thats by 78 . I also beat my bro and friend together by 64 88-154 . They dont do bad against the cpu on normal mode idk what the problem with them is my strategy is usually using an athletic team Hawks, Suns, Celtics, Hornets and of couse my team the Nets.
Step1. Play good D.
Step2. When going for a steal make sure it is a pass trust me never reach in it will never work consistantly.
step3. Drive in dunk layup w/e just make sure your player is on fire.
step4. take three's make threes trust me it will be the difference maker, but dont force them, Take them on drive and kicks, and if you wide open.
I hope these tips help you all these were my keys to scoring 78 pts. so tell me what was the highest youever scored????
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