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Default Re: How would the Cavs fare against the Celtics if we meet in the playoffs?

we fare well against them

Pg-both PG's are good but delonte is better than rondo on defense, rebounds, and shooting. rondo is better at driving and assists.

Sg-we officially have no one to guard ray allen since pavs is injured but we also have a great 3pt shoot in boobie so they will match-up about the same

Sf-we have lebron they have PP. Self-explanitory!!!

Pf-Big Ben and Varejao can get into KG's head. They are gonna slow KG down.

C-Z is WAY underrated on both ends.

Our bench is better on paper but they're bench is realistically better. our bench better step up in the playoffs.

PS MAKE FREE-THROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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