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Default Re: How would the Cavs fare against the Celtics if we meet in the playoffs?

Originally Posted by 1~Gibson~1
we fare well against them

Pg-both PG's are good but delonte is better than rondo on defense, rebounds, and shooting. rondo is better at driving and assists.

Sg-we officially have no one to guard ray allen since pavs is injured but we also have a great 3pt shoot in boobie so they will match-up about the same

Sf-we have lebron they have PP. Self-explanitory!!!

Pf-Big Ben and Varejao can get into KG's head. They are gonna slow KG down.

C-Z is WAY underrated on both ends.

Our bench is better on paper but they're bench is realistically better. our bench better step up in the playoffs.

PS MAKE FREE-THROWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The best thing going for us is we play better against good teams.

If Wallace and Z can control Garnett, we have a much better chance. IIRC Allen has historically hurt us. However, I think Devin Brown is a much better defender than given credit. I think he needs to have a lot better conditioning though. He is a poor man's version of Lebron without the scoring. He fills up a stat sheet.

Lebron cancels out Pierce, and we're probably better at C and PG, but no way is Gibson or anyone on the Cavs better than Allen.

It would be nice to see Wally step up against his old team, and get some scoring off the bench from Joe Smith and/or Gibson.

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