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Default Re: Anyone load emulators on their PSP?

A nephew of mine recently did it. He just researched and did it. I sent him the following message yesterday. His response follows.

-Was it easy to hack your psp?

-During the process what % would you say there was to seriously screw up your system?

-What happens when you put in a UMD with an update? If you update won't that screw up your hacked games?

-What is the visual/audio quality of the games?

-Do the games control well? Can you map the buttons?

-Is virtually any old game downloadable? Turbo-Grafx-16 games?

yeah it was pretty easy...if i was to "brick" my psp, i found a way to de-brick it and return it back to its original software...god of war chains of olympus has an update on it and it doesn't screw up my hacked games because once you install custom firmware on your psp you can upgrade back to the latest version...the visual on n64 games wasn't great because they haven't created a emulator smooth enough to run on a psp and some audio sux but most dont...yes you can map the buttons to whatever you want...yeah i've seen alota turbo grafx 16 games but i'm yet to find a emulator for the psp...the hacked games sometimes freeze and i've also noticed that they drain the battery sooner
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