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Default Re: Gordon Joins Deng on GB roster

Originally Posted by la bomba
Typical british arrogance and I am british.
They have never done a thing in basketball and now they want to be the best!its the same in football england fail to qualify to europeans yet they think they are the favourites to win the next world cup!!!god we are full of **** in this country!And as for tennis i wont even go there!

Seriously, what the hell are you talking about? Your waaay off topic now. Every single team in the world wants to be the best at basketball. Where did I say we want to be the best? Sorry but it really irritates me when people make assumptions like you are! You are completely misunderstanding everything. Of course we aren't the best, and never will be. But we can give it a damn good go! That's what we call british spirit.

Good grief...

If you read my post PROPERLY next time, you will see I said the agenda for the British basketball programme is to 'perform well'. Nobody except YOU said about winning, which we will never do. Talk about irony..
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