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Default Re: How would the Cavs fare against the Celtics if we meet in the playoffs?

Originally Posted by 5 2 3 5
They'd have no chance. Boston in 6.

It depends on LeBron's health. The Cavs have proven they can beat the Celtics this season. They will obviously need their role players to step up in the series and play CONSISTENT. However the game is going to be decided on the defensive end. Cleveland has shown that they can be a really good defensive team when they want to. With a superstar like LeBron, Cleveland can beat any team in any series.

Boston is and should be the favorites but as I've been saying for the past couple of months now....I think Cleveland will pull an upset in round 2. The key is STEALING one of the first two games in Boston. IF Cleveland does that, they will be in a really good position to advance.

Prediction: Cavs in 6
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