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TheReturnofCed is starting to rub some people the wrong wayTheReturnofCed is starting to rub some people the wrong way

The Live series peaked in 2001 for me personally.

MY Live 2001 team:

CT: Shaquille O’Neal/ Keon Clark
PF: Shareef Abdur-Rahim/
SF: Pat Garrity/ Cedric Ceballos
SG: Bonzi Wells/
PG: Terrell Brandon/

I forget the rest, but man my team pwn3d. I made it so Pat Garrity was my best player.

I think haf way through the season (40ish games) Garrity had averages of:

Shaq and Reef were both under 20ppg, but both were averaging over 13rpg.

It was a fun team. I might start plaing again and try and have a "Quad Seoson" with Garrity.
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