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Default Re: playoff matchup set #1 LAL vs #8 DEN

We don't need to worry about Melo + AI playing well against LA because they both shoot around 50% against them this season and Camby is Camby, you know he is going to get you 8-10 points/10-20 rebounds every night. The key to beating them are players like:

-Kleiza: Needs to knockdown those open 3's he gets that he misses too much(like last years playoffs against San Antonio).

-JR: Needs to take ALOT better shots and should not force a shot even when their is a defender right in his face. JR might be the big X factor in this series, if he gets it going then I really like our chances..

-KMart: Since Bynum might not play, he should dominate the paint and rebound the ball like he did against Memphis.

-AC: Needs to hit those wide open shots that he gets all the time.

If they all step up then I say Denver in 6.
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