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Default Re: Cavs/Wizards series thread

Originally Posted by mlh1981
Post your thought on this series.

I'm gonna go with Cavs in 7. They don't have an answer for King James, who will have had a chance to rest and heal up. Wally has played a little bit better, and some of our older guys, like Z and Wallace will be fresh and ready to go, I feel.

The guy on Washington that worries me the most is Caron Butler. He has shown a lot of improvement over the past few years. Him, Arenas, and Jamison will get their points, but I like our matchup at the center spot, where I believe that Ilgauskas can really step it up. Haywood is an inconsistent, foul prone player. I hope Mike Brown can utilize this mismatch, because I believe we are much better equipped at this position.

I don't have a problem with the comments of some of the Wizards. Nothing wrong with a little bit of friendly banter. We have too many guys in the NBA who give the predictable quotes. Let them talk. Nothing Arenas/Stevenson say should be taken seriously anyway. Both guys are rather eccentric. I think LeBron will come out fired up, though. We have had their number the past 2 seasons in the postseason. Having LeBron, who is a far better player than any of the trio from Wash. and an advantage at the center spot will propel us to victory. We need more than just 1-2 people getting double digits in points, though. I think West has played very well and is capable of stepping up. I look for him to be an "x factor."
Cavs in 5


Washington @ Cleveland-Cleveland Wins

Washington @ Cleveland-Cleveland Wins

Cleveland @ Washington-Washington Wins

Cleveland @ Washington-Cleveland Wins

Washington @ Cleveland-Cleveland Wins

Cleveland @ Washington-X

Washington @ Cleveland-X

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