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Default Would You Fans Want this Trade?

The Heat will more than likely get the #1 overall pick. Its no secret that Pat Riley needs and loves having a dominant center. The problem is that this year, there isn't one worthy of a #1 pick and most are borderline lottery picks or projects. Joel Pryzbilla has actually done a really good job as the starter and good enough to where the Blazers were considered a playoff team with Brandon Roy doing his thing. Their biggest need is a point guard or small forward and the consensus #1 picks just happen to a point guard and small forward with Rose and Beasley. Rose could be a great fit for this team. Not only does he offer them a floor general but another scoring option to help Roy and Aldridge. Oden isn't known for being a offensive threat and could be nothing more than Tyson Chandler type player which isn't a bad thing since TC is having an All Star type season. So..Would you trade Oden to the Heat for a #1 overall pick in this year's draft to select Rose (or Beasley)? The Blazers would still have the #13.

Possible draft pick combos:

#1 Derrick Rose, #13 Earl Clark, #36 Devon Hardin
#1 Michael Beasley, #13 Darren Collison, #36 Devon Hardin

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