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Default Re: Would You Fans Want this Trade?

Absolutely not. Beasley isn't needed at his position, and I do believe that (A) Oden will be better than Rose and (B) a great center is one of the most important pieces of a championship. For the record, I expect Oden to also be better than Chandler (definitely on defense, and probably comparable on offense).

You mentioned that Przybilla has done well, and I completely agree. However, he only plays 24 minutes a game anyway and we don't have any other true centers available in our long term plans. Also, we aren't desperate for a PG, it is simply our weakest position, but we have plenty of depth at the PG role. If we trade Oden for Rose, then the C position (which I consider more important for a championship) becomes the weakest, AND has no depth.

I'd be pretty surprised to see any other Blazer fans willing to trade Oden for Rose, but I could be wrong so lets see other responses....................
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