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Default Re: AAargg! I Hate 2k8 Online Losers!

Originally Posted by baseketball4life
i got my 360 back, and i ****ing hate these quitters, i was playing a top 300 guy just now and i was down most of the game... in the 4th i rape him and come from down 11 to up 7 with a minute to go, so we play it out and with 2.1 seconds left he pauses and quits (im up 9)... how gay

i was the nuggets and he was the lakers @ LA

beat him at his house and ***** quits

anyone who is down to play me and wont quit

my XBL GT is lakersk0be24

yes with a 0 (zero) instead of the normal o
I saw you online a couple of days ago...

I gotta get my 2k8 copy back so I can pound you.
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