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you might be right

jr was the best player on the team in game 1- with klieza close behind- both of these players should play until they cant in this series

ai must move to pg, at least for this series

but strictly because of karls ego and dislike for jr- he hasnt done it all year and even if he does the right thing it may be a little late

here is what i dont understand- if you are saying melo and ai together are good and that is how you build your style- why not go all out with jr and klieza to play with them when possible? imo a fast break team is as strong as its weakest link, and to be honest your starting point gaurd is a borderline guy who would not have been in the league if not for his job with the nugs

ive been a fan of ac since his days at hawaii, and he probobly doesnt know it, but this isnt even fair to ac or his team- i honestly believe he could make a big impact as a backup pg, karl is just asking for too much

karl has CHOSEN all season long to not fully utilize the roster- for that i would assume he HAS to be fired

the nugs are so explosive with only one small guy with all the horses- imo ai needs a couple more minutes rest and needs to cover the lakers gaurds, fisher,vujacic, and farmar- and thy need to switch less or rotate way better
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