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Default Re: Cavs/Wizards series thread

Originally Posted by InLebronWeTrust
"Teams like the wizards don't usually give up 2 playoff games in a row."

Really??? I mean I'm not saying it couldn't happen. But they've actually lost their last seven games to the Cavs in the post season I believe. How's it smack?? I'm just saying I hate him. He wants everyone to have sympathy for this somber college story on why his number is 0. Who gives a sh it? Not me. And I'm actually glad him and Stevenson are calling LeBron out. It's gonna do the same thing that Bosh's girl did in Toronto.. it's gonna cost him. Plain in simple.

Cavaliers in 6.

Oh and by the way.. I don't care how bad Cleveland could possibly be, but how can analysts keep undermining this team? Any team with LeBron on it is dangerous, but yet I've yet to see an analyst even calling us winning. Oh well.. gotta love being the underdog right?

x 1000000

Whats up Arenas? I sure loved the ejection too btw.
44 points off our bench?!! Say what??
And Ben Wallace almost had 10 points?

Gotta love it baby!
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