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Both teams played hard
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Originally Posted by GoRapz
But at what cost would it take Toronto to get Brevin?

I can't really say since we don't know of any other offers, but we're not going to give him away. We're a young athletic team so one of your many young players would fit really well aroudn here. We would definitely like to get our hands on Villa (it was rumored Bernie had given him a promise to take him at 13 before you picked him at 8), but that deal would probably require us to throw in more players (Knight and Wallace for CV, Graham and your 2nd rounder maybe?) Not sure how you think of the deal but that an Bernie's love for long athletic swings would likely give us an all UCONN frontcourt of Meka | Villanueava | Gay.

Other than that from your team we would be interested in Humphries, Bosh of course, maybe Calderon and whoever you pick at 1.
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