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waiting until game 2 of the playoffs to make iverson play point gaurd- total chicken-s***" coaching

the thing is you can almost see that iverson wants to give the nugs what they need, but he is just now finding out that they need him to play the point- too little too late-

the worst part,to me, is that karl plays the whole season out undercutting his own team,and then he admits in the playoffs that he has a better squad- he has better 5's to put out there he just hasnt tried using them together- they are just supposed to figure it out during the playoffs?

karl is a joke for not doing the right thing along time ago, AND for doing it too late to help, maybe-

game 1 of iverson at point gaurd- to me proved this thing is possble- ai was involved with some ball movement and covered the ball more and better than he has all season- imo he played more real point gaurd than ive ever seen from him, and there was some positive signs

still a no brainer that skill sets make jr the starter and klieza the bench mob, but im happy enough-

im just sick about always seeming to complain about iverson- but i really think this game showed signs that if iverson was told that the nugs need him to play point gaurd, he could and would do it-

puposefully not putting the best denver nugget team possible on the floor all season- all because of personal dislike for jr and being to chickens*** to tell iverson to slightly adjust his game- karl is a serious clown who has to be fired before he reaches the locker room after the nugs last game- nugs must remove the cancer that is g karl asap
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