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Both teams played hard
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Originally Posted by traditionone
A young guard or a backup point. Not a lot really.

That quote as a Bobcat fan since the franchise was granted here I can't agree with. We're not going to give Brevin away. We're not going to go backwards to give away Brevin because he isn't a cancer. If thats all he's getting offered I see Bernie keeping him instead of taking that trash. If instead of young guard you mean "talented prospect" i.e. JR Smith, Josh Childress, etc. then I agree but if your talking about a guy along the lines of Von Wafer then you've got another thing coming.

Originally Posted by traditionone
Why would Portland want him when they have Jack, Telfair, and Blake?

Portland wants him because they have 3 points, 2 of which are talented are not yet good NBA points yet, and one is a career backup at best. They basically hope Brevin can come in and be tutor to the young'ns while holding down the ship like he did here in Charlotte.
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