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Originally Posted by rs98762001
Okay. I'll bite. Why on earth would Laker fans not want to see Shaq win another title (and Riley I might add)?

It's either a) because it will show up the trade as disastrous in the short run b) prove either that Shaq - not Kobe - was undoubtedly the more important piece to the threepeat or that, if Shaq wasn't or if he is now slowing down, that Wade is able to do what Kobe could not against the Pistons in 2004.

I am eternally grateful to Shaq for 3 great titles. Yes, it should have been 4 or even 5, but he's not the only one to blame for that.


i'll answer this for you.

there are people who didn't like that shaq was making trade demands. they didn't like the fact that he would yell at dr. buss 'pay me' in that preseason game. they didn't like the fact that he didn't play hard all of the time, but when it 'convenient' for him. they didn't like that he got his toe surgery on 'company time' and that cost them games that cost them homecourt advantange during the playoffs. they didn't like after the trade all the dissing of kobe, the organization and lastly the fans of la. they didn't like that he was asked to get in shape when he was here and didn't but he does when he gets to miami. personally, i was was livid when the la times wrote a &)*%(&)(**)*&% article about his workout regime during that offseason. i wanted to throw my monitor out the window reading that piece of (&)+*%$^%$#!

can you tell i'm one of those fans...shaq can kiss my (*&^^%$^$)*(_+!
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